III. Direct to Consumer

Arm & Hammer: Unleash the power of Odor Blasters Scent Booster.

Arm & Hammer “Unleash the Power of Odor Blasters Scent Booster”

MakeSpace: The first on demand storage unit app that allows you to never have to visit a storage unit again.

MakeSpace “Storage Without The _________” 

Cove: Personalized migraine treatment and on going support to keep your “migraines at bay.”

Cove “The Feeling of Cove”

Cove “An Actual Solution”

Keeps: The easiest way to keep your hair.

Keeps “Black Sheep”

Keeps “No More Covering Up”

Hasbro Porcupine Pop
(Stylist Assistant, No Casting or Production)

Hasbro “Porcupine Pop”

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